Monday, February 26, 2007


I gave up Chocolate for Lent (and French Fries and Pop~man, I'm setting myself up for failure :) ) So I bought a bag of Jolly Ranchers to suck on when I get the urge for chocolate. I don't know how long it has been since I've had a jolly rancher, they just looked really good in the candy aisle at Target! And I LOVE the sour apple hands off!


This morning Chris surprised me with some beautiful roses! It made my day!
Thanks babe!


Today was a WEIRD weather day! We had thunder, lightning, rain, sleet and a little HAIL (picture above)! It is supposed to be followed by snow tomorrow so we'll see...most of ours melted away in the past 2 days!

Today is also my little sister's 24th birthday...So happy birthday Em! Love ya!


Daddy took today and tomorrow off to spend with us and we are so happy! I will be getting out of the house for a few hours today which will be good for my sanity! The boys were enjoying a little Monkey George at 7 am this morning while Braden was doing his *Fishy* treatment (as they are called in our house!)


This stuff is EVIL. This is the oral steroids that Braden is on. He's been on these multiple times in the past 2 1/2 years with no side effects. When friends of ours would tell us how bad the side effects were, I'd knock on wood and say it didn't affect him that way. Well our luck ran out. He is *raging* as Chris and I like to say. Not much makes him happy, he will be happy one minute and screaming, kicking, hitting the next. There has been a lot of tv watched the past couple days because it is the only thing that will calm him down. There is not much reasoning when they are on this stuff. Unfortunately this stuff works for him and is usually the only thing that will clear his lungs up...We're on day 2 of 10...pray for me!


We thought maybe we'd make it through the rest of the winter without getting sick...but no go! Braden has probable RSV and a sinus infection. So he's on multiple breathing treatments a day, antibiotics and oral steroids. The steroids literally make him bounce off the wall. This has been the only time he will lie down, when he's tethered to the machine!


Is anything better than a popsicle when you are sick?
I think not!


This is Braden's new hiding place. He calls it his *mailbox*. His imagination is exploding these days. Most of the time Chris and I just look at each other and wonder where in the world he comes up with this stuff! :)

Monday, February 19, 2007


Meena C. (my mom!) came to visit and Braden coaxed her into watching Monkey George (Curious George the movie) since she had never seen it before! He started getting sick today too so it was good for him to just chill out and get some loving!


This morning as I was eating breakfast Braden came running out into the kitchen...
"mommy, come look what I made" he said! I found this awesome choo-choo train made out of sunkist lemonade cans! He was so proud!
(yeah, so I let my kid play with pop cans...he's got a million toys, but this is what he chooses, go figure :)


Well before anyone gets any ideas...this is not ours!!!
I'm going to be an AUNT! My sis Emily is pregnant and we couldn't be happier!
So here's to a full 9 months!!!! ETA approximately August 18 :)

02-14-07 Happy Valentine's Day!

Braden had a Valentine's Day party with a few of the neighborhood kids! (Thanks Amy) He frosted this cookie all by himself and put yummy pink sprinkles on too! He even ate a few bites :)


I had to do 2 pictures today.
Braden just isn't used to his no-nap lifestyle that he is trying to lead!
Tonight he fell asleep in his highchair at 6:30 pm, he has only fallen asleep in his high chair one other time in his life and he was about 7 months old! Poor baby!
Braden worked so hard making his Daddy a Valentine's day card!

He thought it was so cool to use Mommy's markers and he even cut out the hearts all by himself!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Braden had a great play date with some of his friends! They played for 3 hours and even ate all their lunch??? And us moms had a great time too!!!


It was our turn to have the neighbors over for dinner! It was a great time...
We had 5 kids aged 17 months to 6 years in our house...YIKES ;) They all did really well together until everyone started to get tired...then it was time for bed!


Braden is learning all about the *Big Boy Potty* in a book that Meena K gave him for Valentine's day...flushing sounds and all!


Braden is big in to *hiding* from me under the table these days!


Who knew a box could be so fun?
I don't know how long he had been doing this before he ran in to my room to get me so he could *show me something*...this is what I found! I think it kept him busy for 30 minutes...and the box was nothing but a shredded piece of cardboard when he was finished with it!


I lit these candles today in memory of two sweet boys, Kai and Boston and one for their family as they celebrate their 4th Heavenly birthdays this month. Their surviving triplet brother, London, is one of Braden's friends and his mommy has become a very close friend to me. So if you can, please offer up a prayer for their family. This month is full of heartache as they remember their two sons who are gone and celebration for what their brother has overcome and the awesome kid he is today! We're thinking of you guys! All our love!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Watching Daddy shovel the snow off of the driveway...Poor Chris, it was COLD outside!


Braden's new form of transportation! He says he's going to school with the 'kids'
And on that note...he got 'accepted' into 3 year old preschool for next we've got 6 months to potty train him...wish us luck!


What is it about jumping on a bed that is SO much fun?
We were watching the Super Bowl (Way to go Colts) at Erin & Travis's house and Braden and Trey kept themselves entertained through most of it! (and surprisingly nothing was knocked off the shelves!)


Hmmm...I'm sensing a theme here...he found mommy's purse and got my lipstick out??? Boots yesterday, lipstick today...boy we better do something manly tomorrow ;) Chris got it from him before he did any damage with it though!


Braden LOVES wearing our shoes...
today he tried mommy's boots...and I must say he did better in them than I do on most days!


Holy cow is it February already??
Guess that means Synagis (RSV) shots poor guy!
Today when I told him we had to go to the doctor he looked at me and said, "Mommy, band-aids hurt" Ugh, just about broke my heart! It is pretty funny though, when he can't see his
band-aids (jeans on) he walks/runs totally normal, but as soon as you undress him he starts walking like an old man...too funny, his daddy likes to make fun of him!