Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh me oh my...

Since I shot this video yesterday morning - the kid has just taken off - he's walking everywhere now - and has amazing balance. All 11.5 lbs and 24 inches of him :) Wow - where did my baby go?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Watch out World!

Blake has been taking a few steps here and there. Yesterday he walked almost the whole length of the kitchen! Today I finally caught him on camera! It is too stinking cute! He's been doing more and more all morning! He's really getting the hang of it! I need to charge the video camera up to get some action shots :)

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Relaxing Sunday

Blake was so proud of himself! He climbed on here all by himself - even though his feet are still 4 inches off the ground :)

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First Tee-Ball Game

Crazy Colorful Flowers from my Boys

Happy Mother's Day

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March for Babies 2010

Well I would have to say that March for Babies 2010 was a HUGE success!!! We braved the cold and windy weather to walk with almost 2000 other people who were "walking to save babies"! Our team this year raised OVER $7000 - I still can't believe it, pretty much I'm still in shock! Our original team goal was $4350 ($30 for every day the boys lived in the NICU) but with the money we raised it equaled out to over $48 for every day the boys were in the NICU!! With this years total we have raised $23598 for the March of Dimes in the last 5 years!

Totally Awesome :) Of course none of it would be possible without all of you - so THANK YOU!!! For your years of love and support - we are blessed!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day. You can click HERE for more :)

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Playdate with Friends!

While the big kids were at school, Blake and I went to play with CeCe and her mommy Renee! We've been good friends since Braden and Sally were in the NICU together! Blake is about 7 weeks older than miss CeCe! They sure had fun playing together, it was so neat to see the way the reacted to each other and played! We will definitely be having more play dates this summer!

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Little Guy pushing the Big Guy

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Big Big Day!

Oh my what a big day! Chris and I really couldn't stop grinning all day long! I had so much pride in Braden today! I know it is such a 'normal' milestone - but man did it get me all emotional :) He caught on very quickly and had such joy written all over his face, it was awesome to see! Way to go big guy!! We are so proud of you!

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"Helping" mom clean out the cabinets

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Playing in the dirt!

A little photoshoot with Blake on a beautiful day while Braden was at school! He LOVES playing in the mud and dirt - it keeps him occupied for long stretches of time!!

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