Monday, November 23, 2009

November 22

Today we headed to Kahala's house for Jill's baby shower. Blake came with me! Sophie (the dog) was so excited to see a baby! She loves babies! She was so sweet and nice to him. It was his first experience really being around a dog and he didn't mind at all!! It was pretty cute to watch :)

Blaker's with the mom-to-be! Only a few more weeks to go before we meet her little guy!!

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November 21

Braden called us into the bathroom during his bath today...He had gotten ahold of these bathtub crayons (which I was pretty sure I'd thrown away???) He was so proud of the 'town' he had drawn. The bath water was a lovely shade of purple when it was all cleaned up! Guess it was a good excuse to scrub the tub down! Blake enjoyed it also!
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November 20

Today we sent off a package of goodies for 3 very special kids! Our buddy Kyle is off to the hospital next week - so we sent him and his siblings, Alex and Jack, some special things to get through this time! Blake was very excited to be sending it off!
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November 19

Always climbing, always trying to get to his brother's toys - no matter how hard Braden tries to hide!
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November 18

Tonight was our "Ugly Sweater Party" at Bunco! It was a fun night with some great girls!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17

Help us by spreading the word that Prematurity is a HUGE problem in our country. 1 in 8 pregnancies ends in premature birth - that is over 500,000 children every year.
We got VERY LUCKY - TWICE! And we know this - that is why we are doing what we can to try to stop prematurity. These children are not just small and cute - many have life-threatening problems - and many, sadly, will not survive.
More needs to be done to help these children! The March of Dimes is trying to figure things out! Hopefully answers will come soon!

November 16

I finally found a hat (and mittens) for Blake that 1.) FIT! and 2.) didn't have an animal face or ears on it!
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November 15

All 3 grandsons in one place! Amazing!!
Cute Keegan! He found this bowtie and thought he was pretty cool wearing it around!!

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November 14

The wedding today was down at the Train Station - so Braden had some fun climbing on the trains before hand!

and since Ashley decided to get married during football season - I guess you have to accept this :) While we were waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception the end of the Nebraska vs. Kansas game was broadcast on 2 of these huge screens! Thank goodness it was a great win!! It was pretty awesome!

Congrats Ashley and Jake! Thanks for letting us share in your big day! (and notice the beautiful veil she is wearing - it was mine 7 years ago! It was her something borrowed!!)

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November 13

The boys and I headed to Nebraska after school yesterday to attend my cousin's wedding tomorrow!
Blake loved playing with Uncle Adam and Cousin Keegan


And now Blake thinks he can climb just about anything - including Uncle Matt!

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November 12

It's a little hard to see - but Braden is having a good ol' time stomping on packaging bubbles! Blake's formula thickener comes in a big box wrapped in a lot of bubbles - we have lots of fun (yes I do join in) :)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

November 11

Chris was up at 4:30am to catch an early flight - and I woke up too and couldn't go back to sleep. I had to get up early today because Blake had an early appointment, but that was a little ridiculous! But I did get to see the beautiful sunrise...I guess it is a silver lining :)

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November 10

Blake loves being a big boy and standing! He isn't able to pull himself up here yet - but he sure is working on climbing everything in sight!

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November 9

One lone rose...
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8

Oh my - this weather has just been beautiful! The last two days we have been outside for the majority of the day - taking full advantage! Braden took the time to fix his 4-wheeler :)

Blake chilled with me in the grass - I wanted to get some reading done - but he kept doing this to my book, so I didn't get too much read!

Father and Son

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November 7

Blake is a little confused...he can't figure out why he is outside in November in short sleeves? Awesome day! (with a big Husker win!)
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November 6

Tonight my friend Lisa and I got a girls night out! We attended the March of Dimes High Heels for High Hopes Ladies Gala! I had done all the logo and design work for the event and received 2 tickets to attend! It was my first time and it was a lot of fun! Thanks Lisa for a fun night out!!
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November 5

We had to get out some of my old scrapbooking supplies to do some of Braden's homework - so afterward he had a fun time stamping for fun!

And Blake had his 9 month appt today. Not what we were hoping for - 9 lbs. 2 oz. but whatever at this point. I was excited that both boys were able to get the H1N1 shot though - Braden wasn't too happy, but Dairy Queen ice cream helped out a little bit :)
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November 4

Getting stuck and loving it!
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