Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well...isn't it fitting that my last post was on this same subject :)

Oh wow - I can't believe that my last post we were only 2 weeks into this adventure! So sorry about my amount of slacking! Wow! Today marks exactly 31 weeks since I got that dreadful call from school! 2 surgeries and lots of pain, strength and determination later - Braden was fully released to all activity today!! For the last 2 months he has been banned from PE, recess and most of all the fun outside activities (biking, scooters etc.) it has been hard with the nice weather we have had...but finally it is over! I might be a total wreck for a little bit each time I see him run and jump around like a normal almost 8 year old (eek!) but the doc said his leg is as good as new if not better with all the new bone that has been added to his femur! So today he gets to go to 2 recesses and PE and I will have his bike waiting for him after school! I think he might be a little apprehensive, but I think he will get over it quickly!! And when I asked him if he wanted to do a celebration dinner tonight he asked if Dad could pick up sushi!! Whoo Hoo! Love this kid and all he has been through. Someday this will be a good story to tell his kids ;)