Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28

Whew - finally getting the pumpkins carved! Since we're strange here in Iowa we trick-or-treat on Friday, so we had to get them done!
Braden was a big help cleaning them out (as long as he didn't have to touch the goo!)

Blake liked his first pumpkin!

And since Optimus Prime (aka Braden) wanted an Autobot Transformer symbol this year - mommy gave it her best shot! I still have one more to carve, but my hand was tired tonight, I'll do the other one and get their pictures with them tomorrow!

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October 27

A quick stop at the park after school...

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October 26

Braden is learning quickly that he may have to start doing his puzzles on the table!
Blake was VERY interested in it today and kept wanting to 'help' :)

Learning to pick things up off a tray can get really frustrating when you can barely reach over the tray - dangit!

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October 25

I'm cheating - these were from yesterday :)
Braden's last soccer game of the season!
We can definitely see improvement in his play - he really liked playing it and that is awesome!
Go Falcons!

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October 24

Ok - well the Huskers need a little help - so we're trying...EEK!

Can't believe that is the same hat...the N looks so big when he was wearing it in the NICU...guess his brain is growing :)

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October 23

"Mom, why am I sitting in a pile of leaves?"

He then found his little lion guy was pretty darn funny!

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October 22

Photoshoot in the leaves...

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October 21

A beautiful day to play in the leaves...we even had a great leaf fight - it felt good to act 5 again!

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October 20

Learning New Things...'s hard work!

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October 19

Today was finally a beautiful day after lots of cold and rain - so the boys and I headed to the Pumpkin Patch after school today!

The corn pit is always a favorite!

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October 18

Project of the Day...
After months in the hospital and people's awesome generosity, we have accumulated a lot of tupperware.
So bad that we couldn't even close the door on most here is the before picture...

the boys were a big help :)

and the After! Hopefully we can keep it that way for awhile!!

Also a big Happy Birthday to Meena K and Happy Anniversary to Meena C and PopPop Joe - we love all of you so much!!!
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