Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today we went to the mall with our good friends Erin, Trey and Bret to buy Braden some new jeans! Although he can still fit into his 12 month pairs...they are getting WAY TOO SHORT! And since his aunts make fun of him when he looks like he's waiting for the flood...we went in search of some new ones! For anyone who has children with small waists and non-existent booties I highly recommed GAP. They have the adjustable waist that rocks and they are cute!
On our way we spotted the Easter Bunny and his magical train that appear around this time each year. Trey and Braden got to ride the train and were in heaven! We won't talk about the fit that Braden threw when he was told the ride was over...holy cow buckets...but overall it was a good trip!

03-27-07 you think his first night back at swimming lessons wore him out? I just thought he looked so cute cuddling his blankie (the one is Great Aunt Sissy made him!)


Ok...not so cute pic of myself, but...this is Crystal and Shonda and me (Darcy snuck out before we could take her pic!) We put on the Family Teams meeting tonight for our local WalkAmerica and it went really well! Then Shonda and I stayed up till midnight at Village Inn talking...we actually got kicked out...I don't think I've closed a place down since the college days ;)


Mark this date! Today we wore shorts for the first time this year!!! Whoo Hoo! It was BEAUTIFUL out today and we enjoyed it! Is that green grass I see...oh man, summer is on the way!!! (I think Braden was yelling at all the Robins that seem to be in our yard!)


This evening our wonderful friends invited Chris, Braden and me over for dinner and drinks! It was wonderful! The kids played really well together and the adults had a good time chatting, eating pizza and sipping wine! Their daughter Camden really warmed up to Chris and had him rolling with laughter most of the night! It was a hoot to watch!


It was beautiful tonight and we snuck in our first trip to the park after dinner! Braden loved it! He ran from slide to slide, went down the tornado slide multiple times, swang, shot some hoops and ran and ran and ran! We wore him out real good!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well today Braden's Meena K made his day! We were outside this afternoon when the big brown truck pulled up in front of our house with a package for Braden. He proceeded to scream like a girl when I opened it up and MACK was in it! Braden is OBSESSED with Mack and his Trailer (from Cars) and it just so happens that this is one of only 2 toys that are made of Mack. I don't understand why, he is a main character...but after playing with a fake Mack all weekend with Braden, Meena found this online and sent it to Braden...and for the last 5 hours he's only stopped to eat dinner...Here's a few snap shots!


Braden came in to serenade me while I was *working* again! What a ham! He can really tear it up on the keyboard though!


Today Braden was very patient with me as I did *work* for the March of Dimes and our upcoming walk (*wink* *wink* He he anyway, he came into the computer room with his personal little computer and told me he was *working* was too cute!


Braden showing off his new underwear! He actually told me he liked these instead of screaming his head off trying to put them on! Too bad he didn't really care when he soaked them...oh well, one step at a time :)


I swear this isn't *cheating*! I took a picture of the picture :) This is my Great-Great cool is that? They were married in 1901 and I've held their wedding invitation in my hands, it was pretty cool holding something that is 106 years old and in perfect condition. You may wonder why I have all these things...I am making a slideshow video for the Murphy Family Reunion this I've been scanning, scanning and scanning...When your Great-Grandparents had 10 children and your Grandmother (1 of the 10) had 9 of their own...imagine how many pictures I've had to sift through. But it really is cool, and I am really enjoying learning all about where I come from! Can't wait till the reunion this summer!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Braden went bowling for the very first time today and it was a hoot! It was for his friend Trey's 3rd birthday (yellow shirt). It was at an awesome SMOKEFREE bowling alley about 20 minutes from us, perfect for kids! I think the boys had a great time...and the adults snuck in a few frames too! Here's a few more action photos.

He didn't want any help carrying the 6 lb ball...what a big guy!

This cool ramp helped speed up the process and the boys loved pushing the ball down the *slide*

Clapping and cheering the ball so it would go faster :)


I know this isn't a very exciting picture...but it isn't often that there is NOTHING on my kitchen I thought I'd just capture the moment...b/c unfortunately it doesn't look like that anymore :)


He might hate me someday for posting a picture of his *underwear*, but I'm just so excited that I found some that will FIT him! So what if they are for 18 month olds :) Now maybe I'm a step closer to trying potty training...we'll see! I've got till August 23rd...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


There was no special occasion today except that Braden asked me to make cupcakes. This is not something I often do, but I thought, why not? We had to go to Target anyway, so we bought some cake mix and he helped me bake them and decorate them. Unfortunately he refused to eat them...I think they were too messy for him, but he did like the now I have 2 dozen cupcakes sitting in my house...Hope my neighbors are hungry!


I think he's been watching a little too much Dukes of Hazzard...I think we are in trouble down the road :)


These are the *Before* pictures of our basement. I started cleaning it today. I have no idea where that urge came from, but I went with it! I made a lot of progress today, but I'm not done yet, so I will post *After* pics hopefully by the end of the week! It already looks tons bigger and Chris can't park on his side of the garage b/c it's full of boxes and garbage bags!!!


We're back home and the snow is trying to melt! Braden got to go out for about 10 minutes today and was thrilled! He kept trying to drive his bike into the snow...and he was a sloppy mess, but he had fun, I guess that's what it is all about!


Does he look annoyed at his *fishy* yet? At least he has found ways to entertain himself during his treatments. Today he would put his cars on top and they would vibrate so much that they would roll off, he thought that was pretty funny!

Monday, March 12, 2007


A little quality time with Uncle Adam. Playing with remote control cars in the kitchen...he's such a boy!!!!


The weather was so nice and Braden was enjoying actually being had been about 3 weeks since he had gotten to play outside...and he LOVES it out there!


For 2 days in a row this was how Braden took his naps. Meena would take him in the van to get Adam from school and he would be asleep in no time and then would curl up with her when they got home. He never does this for me...must be a grandmother's touch!


While we were at my parents house this week I helped mom strip the wallpaper down in their bathroom....Braden was watching me do it and then wanted to do it in the living room!


Enjoying a little quiet time with Uncle Matt!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


After I-80 finally opened up, Braden and I made our way to Nebraska to see my family. It was 55 degrees when we got there and the snow was perfect for making a snowman! Braden was so excited that he was finally feeling well enough to play out in the snow! He had so much fun with PaPa Joe, Matthew and Adam in the snow!


This is a little game that Chris and Braden love to play. Tall ceilings are good for something :) And now that Braden is packing on the pounds Chris gets quite the workout!


Braden was so proud of the *tower* he made with his play-doh!


Today was such a good day for a cup of hot cocoa! Braden and I had one while we watched the *blizzard* rage outside!

Friday, March 2, 2007


There's always a first time...I guess tonight Braden decided that he wanted to sleep on the floor so he made a little bed on the floor (pillow, dinosaur and all) and fell asleep! Something that has never happened before! I almost stepped on him when I went to check on him!




This is Braden's "red bear" as he calls him! He takes care of him all day long and makes sure that he always has his's too cute!