Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chillin' in the Northeast

Well - while we were in Maine - Chris and I went to prom :) Ha! Actually the adults got to go out to lunch in Portland and then the boys headed down to a Red Sox game (before Chris flew home :( and the girls got to stay and have a few drinks by the water and get our toes done - it was a very relaxing, nice day with some awesome people!

Our Amazing hosts! Thank you Kate and Mark for opening your house, your family and your lives to us!

My girls!

Blake loved riding around in Kyle's jeep!

One of the nights - Mark so nicely took the big boys to a baseball game and they had a blast!

While the girls and Blake got to stay home and get their toes done :)

The boys had fun kicking around the soccer ball!

And we lounged by the pool a lot :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Day

It was pretty much a PERFECT day at the beach! All 7 kiddos got along and played the day away! The weather was perfect and the adults just got to lay around and relax - it was glorious :)

I kind of *heart* these girls!

Yep - a stop at the ice cream shop to finish off the beautiful day - perfect!

Father's Day in Maine

The day started off with homemade Blueberry pancakes made by all the kiddos!

Then some daddy love!

Braden, Chris and Mark headed down to the docks to get our Father's day lunch :)

Braden touching his first Maine lobster!

Helping cook lunch!

Such a yummy sight!

Chris's first official Maine Lobster!

Not my first, but definitely not my last :)

um, just so you are jealous - these were the LEFTOVERS after we had thoroughly stuffed ourselves to the gills! (We snacked on leftover lobster all week long!)

Lunch was followed up by an exciting game of baseball in the yard - it really was an all-american kind of day!

Playing outfield :)

Nice swing bubby!

Kyle - rounding the bases!


Everyone got involved!

And the best Father's day was capped off with S'mores around the fire! Jaclyn got the most perfectly roasted marshmallow award :)

Maine Part 1 :)

As you will be able to tell - we spent a lot of the time lounging by the pool! This trip was the epitome of relaxation - and that is the kind of vacations we love! All the kids got a long great - and most of the time we had 7 of them :)

Mr. Jack - love him!

Kate and me - such a great friend and wonderful hostess - maybe she'll invite us back :)

Jack is a sports nut and Blake loved playing hockey and baseball with him!

Alex is just about the sweetest girl you could meet!

Trying to get mommy wet!

Mr. Kyle - pretty amazing big man

and although he might look sweet and innocent, he is just as ornery as the rest of them :)

And of course Blake had to copy him too - thanks Chris for being such a good sport!