Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chillin' in the Northeast

Well - while we were in Maine - Chris and I went to prom :) Ha! Actually the adults got to go out to lunch in Portland and then the boys headed down to a Red Sox game (before Chris flew home :( and the girls got to stay and have a few drinks by the water and get our toes done - it was a very relaxing, nice day with some awesome people!

Our Amazing hosts! Thank you Kate and Mark for opening your house, your family and your lives to us!

My girls!

Blake loved riding around in Kyle's jeep!

One of the nights - Mark so nicely took the big boys to a baseball game and they had a blast!

While the girls and Blake got to stay home and get their toes done :)

The boys had fun kicking around the soccer ball!

And we lounged by the pool a lot :)

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Angel Love said...

Can I just say, I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!
I miss ya'll so much!!!

Hugs to everyone!