Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 23, 2007

Well this blog needs to be broken up into 2 parts because we had 2 very important things happen today! First off, my baby boy went to preschool today! I still can't believe it, it is hard to wrap my brain around that he could possibly be that old. My tiny baby boy who came into this world weighing under 2 pounds and fighting for his life...walked into school wearing his backpack ready to take on the world. He embraced this new adventure the same way he has with everything in life, with a smile on his face and an excited attitude! He bravely walked into his new classroom, after a kiss and hug for mom and dad, and didn't look back! I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the only one with tears in our eyes, was me! It is hard to *let go*, to allow someone else to be his teacher, but I know it will be so good for here's to an awesome year full of firsts!!!

The other huge happening today came in a small bundle! After 2 very long days, I finally got to meet my very first nephew Keegan Michael! Braden and I high-tailed it to Nebraska after a celebratory lunch and after dropping him off at Meena C.'s house (and telling him I was only going to get my haircut ;) ) I set off to meet the cutie!!! He had just gotten home from the hospital a few hours before and I know he was so excited to meet his Aunt Carissa!!!!

Doesn't he look excited!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007

This spring I planted 3 hydrangea bushes in our backyard. I wasn't sure if I would get any flowers out of them this year b/c they had a little freeze damage, but today I got my very first one and I see a few more coming too! I am very excited about this!!! I think they are gorgeous flowers!

August 21, 2007

He's here! He's here! He's finally here!!!
Introducing Keegan Michael!!!!
Isn't he precious!!!

Dang, they make a cute family! Congrats you two! He's beautiful!
I can't wait to see him in person!!!
(I have to wait 2 days to see him, which is h*ll for me! I LOVE babies, and when it is my very first nephew, it is even worse! baby starts preschool in 2 days so we need to be here to make that a special day for him and then I'll go have my baby fix!!!)

August 20, 2007

Braden reading a book to his best bud Gavin!

August 19, 2007

Today we visited our friends, Tim and Amie and their son Preston and their week old daughter Nessa! She is such a cutie! We brought them some pizza and had a great time just talking and the boys played great together! Plus I got a little baby fix since we're still waiting for Emily to have her baby! She was due yesterday and still nothing...hopefully one of these days!

Preston and Braden

August 18, 2007

Today Braden moved from his big boy bed to his BIG BOY BED! We moved the twin bed into his room because he said he was ready and a bonus is I can set up a table in the other room and get some scrapbooking done! Or at least that's a good thought ;)

Helping Daddy
He loved his new bed...had to jump right in and pretend to sleep! Don't worry, I got him some new non-flowery sheets! Plus I'm trying to decide what colors to paint his room, I think I know, but we'll see...some day there might be pictures!

August 17, 2007

Just thought he was too cute watching some cartoons in our room!

August 16, 2007

Today I cleaned the computer room...and for all of you that know me, you know this was probably a huge project. This room is our catch all room...and boy does it catch everything!

August 15, 2007

Braden is totally *potty* trained now, but not so much *#2* trained, so mommy made him be naked all morning in some lame attempt to make him do he had fun running around naked and drawing in his room...didn't do much for the training part, but everyone needs a naked day every now and then, right???

August 14, 2007

18 days till the first game, so we figured it was time to break out the Nebraska gear!!

(Braden is getting REALLY good at yelling GO BIG RED!!!, Chris says I have an unfair advantage b/c I can coach him all day long, but whatever, he just knows what's right :)

August 13, 2007

Tonight, Chris and I had a parents meeting at Braden's preschool and this is all the info we received...this is totally crazy that he is going to be in preschool...I can't quite grasp that yet..we'll see how it goes in just 10 days!

August 12, 2007

Ok, so I missed a picture today...but after driving for 12 hours yesterday I just didn't have the energy to pick up my we did nothing but lay around and recover from our vacation ;) So here's another shot from the Bonfire night...yes the goofy one is my husband...gotta love him! (I think this is a pretty good *self-portrait*, I think KT is holding the camera! We're getting good at these!)

August 11, 2007

Well I guess it had to end hoo hoo!

Braden is showing his disgust at having to leave Michigan, he really wasn't too happy! He had SO MUCH FUN this year, it was really neat to see him enjoying himself so much!
The annual family picture on the deck the last morning in Michigan! I should pull out all the old ones for comparison...maybe that will be for the next day that I miss a picture!
GoodBye Michigan for another year! Chris and I were spoiled this year because we got to go up twice, that was so nice, maybe we'll see if we can swing that again next year!!!

August 10, 2007

Another Day in Michigan...Gee this blog is getting boring ;)

Now, that's a pretty cool baseball field! (not seen, KT and PopPop Dirk in the outfield)
Mr. Attitude himself...he did this whole hands on his hips thing all was pretty funny!
And here Mr. Nudey made an appearance, he snuck out without his swimming trunks on...silly boy! (can you tell we had a 3 year old on the beach this year...look at all that STUFF!)
Helping PopPop steer
Braden had to get a ride back to shore with KT and John b/c the paddleboat started taking on water for some he left PopPop out all by himself and hitched this ride!

August 09, 2007

Tonight we went up the lake to the Dockside restaurant on Clam River. It was yummy and Braden loved watching the boats, jet skis and ducks on the river!
Super KT???
No fear!
Gee, this photo makes me feel short!

August 08, 2007

Today we pretty much enjoyed more fun in the sun :)
Then we decided to do a bonfire on the beach and the adults enjoyed a few adult beverages and a good time was had by all!!

Braden waiting for Daddy and PopPop to start the fire

Me and KT enjoying some yummy Michigan wine!I do have some pretty cool in-laws!

August 07, 2007

What we did today???

PopPop Dirk got Braden comfortable with the whole tubing concept...he still wasn't quite sure, but thought it might be cool if the boat was *towing* him in the tube!
We finally convinced him to try it with Mommy and he had a blast! LOVED it!
He loved it all...even the big bumps and the water streaming in his face when the tow rope would get *stuck* in the water!
Daddy and Braden in action!
Aunt KT warming me up after my wild ride! Later that night we went to Bellaire and had some yummy dinner and then walked to the bridge to see the river!
Then we ended our day with a beautiful sunset on Torch lake! There really isn't much else like it!!

August 06, 2007

Morning conversations with PopPop Dirk

He thinks his motorcycle can go just about anywhere!

All the boys went out for a ride while us girls stayed back and enjoyed the peace and quiet

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 05, 2007

Well, lets see...not much has changed from yesterday...still bumming at the beach and relaxing ;) This is seriously my kind of schedules, no worries...ah, just what the doctor ordered!

Mommy got a big thumbs up for buying Braden his very own jet ski :) He is obsessed with the one sitting in my parents driveway, so I got him one of his own, and it was a big hit and Daddy made a great motor :)

I still don't think he should be old enough or big enough to be walking in the lake all by himself. Last year, this scene would have been accompanied with screaming and yelling and asking to be held...this year, he owns the lake (as long as his feet touch the bottom!, he's still not sure that the lifejacket would hold him up if his feet couldn't touch)