Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28

It got to a whopping 32 degrees here today - so we decided to bundle Blake up and let him outside in the snow for the first time! He loved being out - I think he is so sick of being cooped up too! He got messy and wet - but he loved it!

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February 27

A very fun night out with the women from my neighborhood! It is a good to have such awesome neighbors!!
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February 26

Brotherly love!
I have witnessed this rare sight often in the past 2 weeks (Braden actually sitting still) He loves watching the Winter Olympics and it is snuggle time with Daddy! He especially loves when Lindsey Vohn skis - I think he has his first crush! He even wants to hang up her picture in his room...oh man!

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February 25

I know Blake doesn't look very excited and he wouldn't actually do it for me...but today was a BIG day -
my almost 13 month old LICKED that cracker there - a few times!!! This is the first thing besides his fingers we've seen him put in his mouth voluntarily!! It is a big step! I'm sure he thought we were nuts with all the cheering we were doing! He is starting therapy next week to help with his feeding issues - but this is huge!!

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February 24

"The Cool Kid just showed up"
Then he had his first major head injury! But mommy put her athletic training skills to work and steri-stripped it right up!
Then after all the drama we headed over to take some pictures of Mr. Bennett. We did some 2 month pictures and some in his baptismal outfit since we didn't get many on the actual day!


February 23

It was free pancake day at IHOP - with donations going to Children's Miracle Network - so we headed to to support them and have a few pancakes :) Calories don't count when it's going to charity right??
Braden gave it a thumbs up!

Then after dropping Braden off at school I spied these massive icicles hanging from the roof of the school. They are nuts!!! This picture doesn't even do them justice!

Also a
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Auntie Emily!!!
Hope you had a fantastic day! We love you!!!
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February 22

We headed down to the NICU today for a High Risk Infant Follow-up appointment! He did awesome and impressed everyone ;) This is Pam, one of his favorite nurses from his NICU stay! She came out to give him some squeezes! We also got to see one of our favorite NICU docs Dr. W - but I didn't get to snap a picture - maybe next time! We do love going back to see those that we consider 'family'!
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 21

Braden working hard on counting 100 marshmallows for their 100th day of school party tomorrow!

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February 20

Photography by Braden - I never know what I'm going to find on my camera these days!
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February 19

Just a little impromptu photo shoot with my boys!

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February 18

People have asked me how much difference in size there is between Blake and Braden at this age.
I snapped this picture today of Blake and found that I had an almost identical one of Braden at almost the exact same age.
You can see the difference in height - what Blake wouldn't give to be able to actually see out the window!

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February 17

Blonde curls...
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 16

Blake thought he looked pretty hilarious when I tried to comb his hair down after his bath - it really is an unruly mop! Also note the bloody lip - yep the dishwasher won yesterday - although it doesn't deter him in the least!
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February 15

The boys just laying around listening to their musical valentine card from Meena K. I love quiet moments like these!
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February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day

Braden picked out these beautiful tie-dyed roses - one from each of my boys!

Aren't they cute! Blake was mad he couldn't go outside and Braden was VERY happy that he could! Chris and I enjoyed a yummy dinner followed by a movie night at home! It was a wonderfully relaxing day with all 3 of my Valentines!
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February 13

This is pretty much what I get out of Braden every time I bring out the camera lately! Oh Boys...

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