Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21

Thank goodness we caught Santa before he flew off to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas! Braden told him everything he wanted and that we would be in Missouri for Christmas!
Braden wanted Blake to sit for a minute - Blake did fine - but Mommy kept thinking about the we snapped a quick picture and germ gelled our hands :)

Then Braden got to drive the train! We always seem to catch it at the right time when no one else is there and he gets it all to himself!

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December 20

BRRRRR...this was the temperature early this morning- YUCK!
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December 19

Blake helped Mommy wrap presents tonight!

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December 18

Braden has been looking forward to this day since last year! He had to miss Pajama day last year because he was sick - and there was no way he was missing it this year! It was a great way for them to celebrate their last day of school before Christmas break! Even the teachers were in the jammies and slippers!
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December 17

Blake is trying to figure everything out!

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December 16

Mr. Blake is SO happy! Today his PT and OT came out to the house to help us adapt some of his things for his size. He is quite the challenge! Just imagine a newborn size baby wanting to do everything a 10 month old can...But we love our therapists! If you look closely you will see the styrofoam on Blake's high chair! Before raising him up about 2 inches he could barely see over the tray and couldn't get his arms above the tray to eat or play - he is very excited to be able to do that now!

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December 15

Today was Braden's Christmas program at Pre-K. It was very cute! He even had a solo line to say and he said it perfectly - we were so proud! He has made so much improvement the last 3 years during this programs. He is still one of the goofiest ones up there, but now he sings all the songs and acts out all the things they are supposed to! We are so proud of how far he has come!!
Singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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December 14

Trying to get a picture of Blake's blonde curls! Love them!

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December 13

Blake is getting into all kinds of tough spaces these days!
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December 12

I don't think this snow is going anywhere anytime soon!
Braden thought it was pretty cool that the snow was to the top of the air conditioner!

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December 11

Blake is learning some new skills!
We have been having a problem trying to find a walker that is short enough for our little man. ALL he wants to do is climb and walk - so it's a little challenge. Today he found his own solution - I was working on the computer and turned around to find him walking around the kitchen pushing his brother's stool. He was so dang proud of himself!! What a big boy!
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December 10

Decorating the Christmas tree!
Braden was very excited to do it this year and was a big help!
He had a cute comment for almost every ornament!

Blake's first time decorating the tree!
Braden was practicing his photography skills!

My boys!
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December 9

The Blizzard of '09 - Chris had so much fun out there! (ha ha ha) 15+ inches followed by 50mph winds causing huge was pretty crazy!

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December 8

Helping Mommy put the lights on the tree!

Brotherly love!

This afternoon Braden got to go out in the Massive snowstorm to play with his friends! This is Elizabeth - the girl he says he's going to marry! Good thing we love her parents :)

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