Friday, November 28, 2008

November 18, 2008

Well when we were in the store getting Gavin's balloons yesterday, Braden also got a blue balloon as his own. He loved this thing and thought it was so cool (seriously, I think Santa will be bringing $1.00 balloons for Christmas). Unfortunately, when Daddy came home they started playing with it and it popped on the ceiling! So Daddy felt bad and took him back to the store and this is the balloon he picked out. Chris wasn't so happy that it was NASCAR, but Braden loved the race cars - so he is happy again, and hopefully the mylar won't pop as easily :)

November 17, 2008

Well today is the official day so...
Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin!!!
We stopped over to give Gavin some balloons and to enjoy some "dirt cups" that Jill made..the boys weren't too impressed with them, so Jill and I helped finish them off ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 16, 2008

Gavin's 3rd Birthday Party was today! It was Fire Truck Themed and Jill even got the Ambulance and Fire Truck to come to the party! I think the kids had a great time!!

November 15, 2008

"Mom, quit taking my picture already, would ya?"

November 14, 2008

Playing a little dress up as Yoda today!

November 13, 2008

One of my cravings this week - cheap Tortino's cheese pizza! Thanks a lot to my friend Jaclyn who mentioned it at 10:30pm last night when I didn't have any in my house - I went out first thing this morning and got a few - best dinner for $1.00!!!

November 12, 2008

Braden pretending to fall asleep -- and then actually falling asleep for awhile - he was TIRED!

November 11, 2008

The only time in the last 3 hours that I could get them to sit still :) I put on a little "Monkey George" to get them to calm down before Gavin's dad comes to pick him up!

November 10, 2008

Braden has really been into cooking with me lately. He always wants to help put in the "ingredients"! Here he is making tomato soup for our lunch!

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 09, 2008

Well I just couldn't be in Kansas City and not stop by to see the newest addition to the family! Chris's cousin Megan and her hubby Ben had this beautiful little guy on Oct. 30th! William Kale has the blondest hair and long fingers like his daddy! I snuggled him for quite awhile before we had to get on the road again! I can't wait to snuggle some more over Thanksgiving!!!
Congrats Megan and Ben - he is truly beautiful!!

November 08, 2008

Today Jill and I headed down to Kansas City for some serious Christmas shopping. We did get a lot accomplished and it was a fun girls outing! My good friend Denise graciously let us crash at her house for the night and her hubby Charlie grilled us some steaks and we had an awesome dinner!!
Here is Jill with Denise's daughter L - they hit it off right away!

And here is Smudge - she curled right up on my tummy and fell asleep right on top of *Cookie* (for those of you that don't know - Braden has named the baby Cookie) it was very cute and she was so comfy right there - I'm sure Cookie loved the warmth!

November 07, 2008

One month ago today I posted that gas had fell below $3.00 a gallon - one month later here is where we are! Our budget is loving it, I just hope it stays around for awhile!!

November 06, 2008

Today we got a new garage door installed. The installer was super sweet to Braden and let him *help* put up the new one! He was all set with his tools and work gloves :)

And he brought his 9 week old puppy Maddie along - Braden loved when she would chase him around the garage and play with him!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 05, 2008

Just a beautiful day at the park with our neighbors! The kids were having a blast on the swings...unfortunately I think it will be one of our last really nice days!

November 04, 2008

November 03, 2008

Wild man taking a bath!

November 02, 2008

Just a small patch of our new grass! It's so fluffy and green!!

November 01, 2008

Just one of two rainbows we saw today - just makes me smile!