Monday, November 17, 2008

November 08, 2008

Today Jill and I headed down to Kansas City for some serious Christmas shopping. We did get a lot accomplished and it was a fun girls outing! My good friend Denise graciously let us crash at her house for the night and her hubby Charlie grilled us some steaks and we had an awesome dinner!!
Here is Jill with Denise's daughter L - they hit it off right away!

And here is Smudge - she curled right up on my tummy and fell asleep right on top of *Cookie* (for those of you that don't know - Braden has named the baby Cookie) it was very cute and she was so comfy right there - I'm sure Cookie loved the warmth!


web hosting said...

All family is beautiful and lovely.

Denise said...

I loved having you guys! Leighton is still talking about it - and asking if you'll come back and play. :)