Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maine Part 1 :)

As you will be able to tell - we spent a lot of the time lounging by the pool! This trip was the epitome of relaxation - and that is the kind of vacations we love! All the kids got a long great - and most of the time we had 7 of them :)

Mr. Jack - love him!

Kate and me - such a great friend and wonderful hostess - maybe she'll invite us back :)

Jack is a sports nut and Blake loved playing hockey and baseball with him!

Alex is just about the sweetest girl you could meet!

Trying to get mommy wet!

Mr. Kyle - pretty amazing big man

and although he might look sweet and innocent, he is just as ornery as the rest of them :)

And of course Blake had to copy him too - thanks Chris for being such a good sport!

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