Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today we went to the mall with our good friends Erin, Trey and Bret to buy Braden some new jeans! Although he can still fit into his 12 month pairs...they are getting WAY TOO SHORT! And since his aunts make fun of him when he looks like he's waiting for the flood...we went in search of some new ones! For anyone who has children with small waists and non-existent booties I highly recommed GAP. They have the adjustable waist that rocks and they are cute!
On our way we spotted the Easter Bunny and his magical train that appear around this time each year. Trey and Braden got to ride the train and were in heaven! We won't talk about the fit that Braden threw when he was told the ride was over...holy cow buckets...but overall it was a good trip!

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