Sunday, April 1, 2007


Today I worked our March of Dimes booth at the Oh Baby Fair at one of our local hospitals! This is for anyone who is pregnant, wants to be pregnant, or just had a baby. There are a ton of different booths that cover so many different topics, it boggles the mind! And let me tell you...there are a LOT of pregnant ladies in the Des Moines Metro area! So Darcy, I and Shonda (snuck out before the picture) manned the booth with information ranging from *Signs of Premature Labor* to *Becoming a new Daddy* and everything in between! We also have on display our Mission Family Scrapbook with Local families featured who have been affected by prematurity! In addition to that we show the teeny tiny diaper that all three of our boys started in and a few of their outfits. It never fails, someone always walks up and says "Oh these diapers are so cute!" and we nicely explain that they aren't that cute when they are attached to very small, very sick babies. Then they reply..."Well they aren't real, so it really doesn't matter..." We just shake our heads and think that unfortunately they are real...and they just happened to be huge on our little guys when they were born...I guess that is why we do what we do, so that others will only have to see those Teeny diapers at our awareness booth, and not on their own babies!
Braden's first diaper!
That's Braden's first diaper compared to a Newborn diaper (not a 1, 2, 3 or 4) but a Newborn.
(Can you tell that Prematurity Awareness is on my mind these days :)

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