Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 21, 2007

I just have to start out this blog by saying that Chris and I really thought God was testing us these last 2 days! Here we are ready to leave for a WEEK by ourselves to glorious Michigan...our first time without child (for more than one night) in almost 3 years...and things kept going wrong. The Highlander makes it home from KC but pretty much falls apart as I pull into the driveway. We refused to let this get us down and decided that there was nothing we could do about it right that minute (it was sunday afternoon) and we'd take the other car and deal with it when we got back, we were just very thankful that I made it back from KC and wasn't stuck on the interstate somewhere.
Then we get started on our trip Monday morning bright and early and everything goes well. We're making great time and by the time we stop at the rest stop to eat lunch we are STARVING! So in the midst of all of these picnic tables shrouded in shade from the forest I see the table we are meant to sit at! Remember in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation when Clark sees the ultimate Christmas tree and it looks like God himself is shining down on it...well this picnic table looked just like that!

I commented to Chris that we had to sit there so we drug the cooler and sack of food over to it and made some yummy turkey sandwiches and such...we've just taken a few bites of this lunch that we were STARVING for when (if you're eating now, you might want to read this later!) we felt a sudden rain shower from above...we thought, gee that's weird, it doesn't look like it rained here for awhile...so while I was looking up at the tall trees above us I hear Chris say "that wasn't rain" and I say, "sure it was, no big deal" needless to say I hadn't looked down yet, then I hear him say "it's brown"...at that very moment I see a huge racoon way up high...holy cow, we'd just been sh*% on! We pretty much dropped all our food right then and there...it is one of the few times that I've totally lost my appetite! We threw everything away, tried to rinse out our shirts and washed our hands and we were back on the road. Laughing. Because what else were we supposed to do? I swear it is always an adventure where Chris and I are involved! This is just a glimpse...our cooler...Chris's shirt looked worse, but I accidently erased the picture, just use your imagination!

So after that fiasco we had about 3 1/2 hours to go and thankfully we made it with no other adventures! And I think God had felt that we'd had enough for one day so he painted this picture for us that night as we sat on the dock and enjoyed each others company...does it get any better than this?

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