Monday, May 14, 2007

May 5, 2007

Well, where to begin? Today was Walk Day! So much buildup has come to this one day! Thank goodness the rain stayed away and we ended up having a really nice day! I am astounded each year to see all the families come out who have been affected by was quite awesome! This year we went from 60 to 110 family teams, 1000 to 1500 walkers and to date have raised somewhere around $220,000! How awesome is that! Here's just a few shots from the day! I would crash your computer if I put all of them on here :)
My day began at 6:30 am, Shonda picked me up and we were off to help set up at the park. Thankfully there was coffee brewing and we got to jump in the bouncey house before all the kiddos got there and took it over...that was worth getting up!!!
That ornery look on his face...yeah he's the one we walk for :)
Just a few of the Team Miracle Monster crew! We had 19 people and one dog walking on our team this was quite awesome if I do say so myself :)
Me and my good friend Shonda!
Braden had to stop and play in the *flowers* for awhile! It was very cute!!!And all this walking was quite hard on my pregnant sister :) It sure did wear her out! But the day wouldn't have been complete without her, because we walk for that little bambino in her tummy too...keep growing little one...get your whole 9 months in!!!

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