Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007

Today started off with a little haircut...I admit that Braden was getting a little shaggy, but I was totally against Chris buzzing his hair on our deck...but Braden said sure, so daddy went to turned out cute, I's a summer style at least :)

After the haircut we went off for a little is the Ankeny Summerfest days which means lots of rides and fun...we actually went to see some big trucks (the kids were supposed to be able to play on the them and check them out...)but we never found exactly where they we opted for some slushies and rides. I really didn't think Braden would do the rides...but he was gung-ho! First we rode the cars...then the big slide...then the roller coaster! I seriously had some tears in my eyes as he took off on the roller coaster...I swear he has totally grown up since turning 3...potty training, big boy hair cut and riding roller coasters...a mommy can only take so much! But he had a huge smile on his face the entire time and didn't want to leave...I guess next year we'll be getting one of the all you can ride wristbands for summerfest :)

I told you we had a busy, funfilled day...tonight after a little nap we met my good friend Andrea and her family at a hotel near our house (they came to our area to go to Adventureland!) It had an awesome pool for the boys...(her son Cole is almost 4). Cole and Braden had a great time playing together and really only came out of the water to eat a piece of pizza. We finally said good-bye a little before 10 pm...Here the boys are ganging up on Chris!


Jennifer said...

That looks like the perfect haircut for a trip to the beach in Florida!!! =)

McTriplet Mommy said...

You will LOVE this new hair! It's easy and cheap (free) to maintain - I'm all for the little boy buzz cut. :)

So cute!