Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 15, 2007

Today was the big Iowa vs. Iowa State football game. They refer to this game as the Iowa Superbowl and it is a big deal in our neighborhood. It really doesn't mean much to Chris and I since we are Nebraska and Mizzou fans, but we had a little fun with them anyway ;) Plus Iowa was picked as HEAVY favorites (and most of our neighbors are Iowa fans) and they although no one else would think so, it was great to see...gotta cheer for the underdog ;)

The day started off with a few games of *bags* also known as Cornhole in some circles! It is a neighborhood favorite and we've been known to play at midnight under the street lights!
Then the kids were getting bored with the game (which we were watching in DJ's (the cowboy!) garage) so they started watching a movie on the DVD player on the porch!

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