Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 27, 2007

The scrapbooking party went great tonight! It was fun and a great excuse for a girls night!
After the party was over (and we'd all watched the premiere of Grey's Anatomy) I sat down to watch The Office. Our neighbor so graciously *taped* it for us because I had to TIVO Grey's and didn't have a spare VCR...oh the drama :) Anyway...back to the story. I tried to put the tape in the VCR and I couldn't get the tape that was currently in the VCR out, so I tried and tried and finally got it out...then I looked inside and saw something strange...I thought it was one cd/dvd so I called up to Chris to bring a screwdriver so I could unscrew the VCR and get it out...turns out there were 9 cd's stuck in the VCR...hmmmmmm....wonder who could have done that? And just look at the selection...everything from Lil Kim to Alan Jackson, Limp Bizkit and the Indigo Girls..WOW!

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