Monday, October 8, 2007

October 06, 2007

Well we had a great day hanging out with our friends Angie, Josh and Ethan and are so thankful that we got the chance to see them and they were so gracious and let us stay in their house! Angie and I were college roommates for one year in college and have stayed close for almost 10 years now! Today was also the big MISSOURI vs. NEBRASKA game and we were all ready!!!
First Braden had to wear his Mizzou gear to make the Missouri family happy ;)

Then Mommy got her hands on him and he was decked out in Red...also it was was an unusual 90 degrees today (in October???) and we were going to be running around in a corn maze before the game, so he just couldn't wear his long sleeve Mizzou shirt ;) The game had a crazy start time of 8:15 pm so we had time to run around in some corn, see some big fist at Bass Pro Shop (thank God for air conditioning!) meet PopPop Dirk, Bapaw, Aunt Sarah, Cousin Leah (and her friend) for a little dinner before the big showdown.
Braden and Ethan hiding in the corn

Is there anything better than running around like a crazy person in a maze of corn?

Well we finally made it to the game and got great seats on the hill! The place was absolutely packed and it was a fun I didn't get cussed out this year for wearing red by random, drunk frat that's always a plus! In this picture we're both still happy (10 minutes to kick off...)

Chris, still smiling!!!

Let's just say that that was where the smiles ended for this Big Red Fan...Mizzou played an awesome game, and I think the Cornhuskers were tailgating all day with the general population of Columbia...that is how they played! Oh well...maybe next year! We just like to let them feel good at home!!! The game was fun though and we didn't get back to Angie and Josh's house until 1:30am!

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