Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 10, 2007

Oh boy there was excitement at our house tonight! It was pretty chilly outside, but Braden convinced Chris to go outside to play for a bit after dinner. After awhile we heard the tornado sirens going off only to see clear skies up above. We were clueless as to what was happening, but it turns out that the siren was supposed to be a citywide *fire drill* and we were supposed to be planning our fire escape routes..oops missed that memo! But...the cool thing was that the fire truck picked our street to come down, sirens going and all! They let the kids go inside the fire engine and see how everything worked, they loved it! I did feel bad when a few neighbors ran outside not knowing what was going on and thought the worst when a fire truck was parked outside our house and were coming to find out what was wrong (but it does remind me what cool neighbors we have!).
Braden thought this was about the coolest thing especially since a fireman had come to talk at preschool and that's all he could talk about...notice the boots in the picture...those are his *fireman boots* how fitting that he happened to have them on!!

After we came inside..surprise, surprise, look what he wanted to play with!

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