Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 17, 2007

Well my day started off bright and early! Shonda picked me up at 5 am and off to the airport we went! Things looked up quickly when we got bumped to 1st class! This was a first for both of us and pretty sweet if I do say so myself! So much more comfy...and drinking OJ out of real glasses just made my day!! After we got checked into our hotel we set off for some sightseeing in DC!
Our first stop was at the Arlington National Cemetery. This is a very powerful place. If you've never been here, it is something that is worth really reminds you how many people have given their life so that we can live our lives! I thought this tree was so beautiful amongst the head stones.
The same message from the Korean War Memorial
Shonda and I on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument in the background.

That night Melanie took about 10 of us out for drinks and dinner and I got to order my very first was pretty yummy and came with the cutest bib ;)

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