Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 21, 2007

This is Ms. Kara McTriplet (ok, so that's not her real name, but she is the mom of triplet boys, so that's how she is known around these parts!) We've *known* eachother for around 2 years through our work on the Share website, we've met once before, last year at this wonderful gathering...but this year...Oh my Goodness...I really think I have found my long lost twin! We connected on so many levels and she is just so awesome to be around! She is truly one of those people who make you happy just to be around! We were partners in crime and had A LOT of fun! We're already planning a girls weekend sometime soon! So thanks for the great time are awesome!!!

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McTriplet Mommy said...

Awww.... I'm thrilled that I am your ONE picture for this day! I feel very privelaged. I can't spell tonight. :)

Carissa - YOU rock!! I will come see you whenever you want. :)

Talk soon!