Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 04, 2008

Some day, years from now, I want Braden to remember how much he LOVED Mustangs when he was 3 years old. He has a love for cars that I *know* has come from my brothers...he has an uncanny memory and can pick a mustang out from 200 yards away...he can name an Eclipse only by it's tail lights in the complete dark. He's always been able to associate people he knows with the cars that they drive (even if he's only seen your car once), this started when he could barely talk. It has always amazed us...I hope he continues to keep this memory as he goes through life.
This year is all about the, old, it doesn't matter, he likes them all. He spotted a red Mustang PowerWheels convertable at wal-mart and can't quit talking about it...guess we better be making some room in the garage for his birthday :) But we have 6 months, maybe we can convince him that Mustangs aren't that cool .... ha ha ha!

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