Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 14, 2008

Well today Braden was diagnosed with a 1)sinus infection, 2)ear infection, 3)upper respiratory infection and 4)eye infections! Oh yeah, so fun! But besides all the ickies coming out of him, you wouldn't now he's sick. He looks pitiful but was still running around in circles around the doctor's office...so even when he's sick the kid doesn't sit still.
Here he is in his *tent* that his mean mommy won't set up for him right now b/c there is way too much *stuff* in my living room...so he just played in it like this...see he's resourceful!

Then Daddy captured a quiet moment before bed...


Jennifer said...

There's some nasty bug going around here too - Kayla isn't allowed anywhere near anyone in my familiy (they are quarantined to their house), because we don't want it at ours. Hope Braden feels better soon!

littlewonders said...

Poor thing, I hope he feels better soon! Wow, he looks like he's handling this pretty good. How is mommy doing?

Kel said...

OMG, we've got the exact same thing minus the eye infections but double ear infections and add in some pharyngitis. So we've got the sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, double ear infections and pharyngitis. Not fun is it. jack is also exhausted but not enough to stop playing. However, me (and probably you) could close our eyes and sleep for hours. Love the new pics!!

McTriplet Mommy said...

One of our favorite books - we have two copies just in case two of them want to "read" it at once. :)

Those few minutes each day when they settle down and let you snuggle - it's almost worth the other 11.75 hours per day that they drive you crazy. :)

Take care, TWO DAYS!! :)


girlyhurley said...

Poor little guy!!! Em has been going through it all too! Hopefully they will be better soon!

(You interested in helping design my blog?. . . . let me know!I would LOVE to learn how to do that kind of stuff)


karinco said...

Wow! I just got done reading kel & Lori's blogs and they have the same sickies going on. This thing is so contagious it made its way through the blogs! EEK!

Hope B is feeling better soon!