Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 21, 2008

Well imagine our surprise when Braden came upstairs to say hi and he looked like this...we both wondered...hmmm...what is all that white stuff on his clothes? So we followed him downstairs to his *shop* and this is what we found!

He had found some styrofoam packing pieces from our new DVD player (thanks DeedleDee!) and thought it was SOOOOOO cool that his new saw actually cut through it! He quickly told me that he was cutting the bumper for his car...and he sawed and sawed and sawed.
Now some of you may be thinking "OH MY GOODNESS....WHAT A MESS! HOW COULD SHE SIT THERE TAKING PICTURES WHILE HE WAS MAKING THAT MESS...DOESN'T SHE KNOW HOW HARD THOSE LITTLE STYROFOAM PIECES ARE TO CLEAN UP?" And yes I truly despise those little styrofoam pieces...but you know...the look of pure joy on his face...and the fact that he wasn't sawing anything that couldn't be fixed...I just let him go to're only a kid once right?!?

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littlewonders said...

Well isn't he awfully creative! I love it! How was the clean up??