Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 24, 2008

Braden has been asking about new running shoes for weeks now. His original *Moon* (Nike) Shoes haven't fit him in awhile and the pair after that have gotten pretty he's been asking for new ones. So today after preschool we went to Kohl's and he picked out these new *Moon* shoes! He first thought he might like the character shoes, like Elmo, Thomas or Spiderman...but then spied these and that was it! So on our way home he asked if he could go outside and Run Run Run when we got home...I said maybe, then he replied "Mom, I have to exercise because my back is hurting just a little bit and running will make it feel better..." I guess he was listening when I told chris that working out would make his back feel Chris and I have recently gotten back to working out so we're always talking about it...Too bad last thing this skinny kid needs is to RUN off calories ;)

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