Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 31, 2008 - Goodbye 2008!

Just a little get together with friends!
The girls cleaned up on Partini - that was a fun game!!

Me and the bub - I told him that tomorrow will be 2009 - the year that Cookie will be born...he asked if tomorrow was Easter :) (We told him that Cookie would be born around Easter)

Jill and I - I love great friends!

Chris and I - 2009 will make us parents of 2 boys - so much going on!

Braden and Gavin finally crashed around 11:45pm. They did watch the ball drop at 11pm (Eastern time) and almost made it to midnight. By the time we were ready to go - we didn't want to move him - so he had his first official sleepover with a buddy! It was weird going home without him, but he said he had a great time!

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littlewonders said...

You and Chris always take the sweetest pictures!