Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 23, 2009 - 27 Weeks 2 days

Today I got some very cute visitors!! The McTriplets drove all the way from Kansas City just to visit me and Cookie today! Their mommy Kara is a great friend of mine and I can't believe she drove 7 hours round trip just to come hang out for 2 hours! (with three 4 year old boys!!) The boys have been praying for Cookie every night and were very excited to come *see* him! It just so happened that Braden and Meena K were visiting at the same time - so we had four 4 year olds in my room - but they were amazing and played together for 2 hours with hardly a problem! Thank you Kara for making my day - Love ya (and the boys!!) Eek - I couldn't open this is photoshop for some reason to edit it - so ignore the bags under my eyes!!

Five boys and Me!
(L-R) Sullivan, Cookie, Issac, Lorne and Braden

We also wanted to wish Meena C a very
Happy Birthday!!!
(yes Dad is only 4 days older than she is!)
Hope you had a great day! We'll see you next week!
Love you!
This was the first time mom got to hold her first grandchild - he was just shy of a month old!

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