Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 03, 2009 - Monster Truck Show!!

After hitting the hospital for Cookie's second steroid shot we SURPRISED Braden with a trip to the Monster Truck Show! He was thoroughly surprised and it was a wonderful day! We got passes to go down on the track and see all the trucks, meet some drivers and take lots of pics. I am upset because they wouldn't let me bring the good camera in because it was *too professional* - so thankfully I had stuck the little one in too, so we at least had some pics! So they aren't the greatest, but hopefully you get the picture!
It was a long day and I am tired, but to see his face was priceless, it was so what I needed before we begin on our next big journey - his favorite GraveDigger won the races and Freestyle event and he was thrilled! I have some video that I will try to upload later when the laptop is up and running! Enjoy a few pics!!
Tickets to Monster Jam - $50
Lunch and snacks at the arena - $40
GraveDigger Flag, souvenir cup, Program - $24
Seeing our Precious boy have the time of his life for 5 hours - PRICELESS!!

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3saints said...

Oh honey
You guys so needed this...I love all the pictures!!
:) Thinking of you today!
Love K

The Phamily Matriarch said...

Great pics! Glad y'all had a super duper time together.

Love ya babe!

Denise said...

Gravedigger is my favorite, too!

I'm so glad Braden had such a great time. I love the pictures.

littlewonders said...

Glad you all had a great time! Love the pictures. The purple ear plugs are adorable!