Monday, February 23, 2009

February 19, 2009

The other day I received a large package in the mail. I didn't recognize the name or address of the sender. I opened it only to find the cutest, handmade things for our little Cookie Monster. There was a blanket, 2 isolette buntings, booties, mittens, hats and even a scarf for Big Brother Braden. I was amazed! I read the letter that accompanied the gifts and found out they were made by a lady who knew my uncle. She lives across the country - but has been praying for Blake since he was solely known as Cookie :) If you read this Ms. Hayes, thank you. The shear amount of generousity and kindness we have received will never be forgotten. Blake's story has reached farther than I'm sure we will ever know - and I know he has prayers coming from more places than we could ever count!
So here is our little Cookie Monster in most of his gifts. Jill and Kahala thought they were just too darn cute so they had to put them on him right away!

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