Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009 - Surgery Day

Chris and I doing our best to keep him calm before surgery. He didn't get to eat after his 3 am feeding - so by the time he went into surgery at 12:30 pm he was pretty hungry. He did better than I thought though, we were able to keep him pretty calm as long as we were holding him :)

We finally got into surgery 2 hours late - but it was success. The surgeon repaired hernias on both sides and he also got his circumcision done. He did come back to his room on the ventilator but was extubated 30 minutes later. He had a hard time keeping his sats up so he was placed on 1L of oxygen on nasal cannula to help him out. He is still on this now and doing good with it. He is still very groggy and sleepy (4 hours later) and it is hard to watch him just lay there passed out - but he's doing good.

Braden got him that little blue elephant yesterday for his 2 month birthday and "good luck" on his surgery - so he's watching over him :)

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littlewonders said...

So glad things went well. It is all downhill from here........he'll be home before you know it.