Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20, 2009

Oh how this boy loves his OREOs - he gets it from his dad! He always takes 3 out of the package and asks for milk - perfect snack!

Braden asked to hold Blake before he went to bed! He seriously loves his little brother - the love and excitement of having him home has not worn off - and I am really happy for that!

After puking all over his clothes (and dad's pillow and mom) Blake hung out in his diaper with us as we watched 24! He loves his binky - way more than his big brother ever did! He also got diagnosed with reflux today - and was put on Prevacid - miracle drug I tell ya! He was in pain when he ate and not eating hardly enough, but after one dose, it was much better!!! So we will continue with that and hope it all gets better!!

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