Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 30, 2009 - 4 months old!

Blake is 4 months old today!
That just seems crazy!! He continues to do well and he is one happy boy. He really is a VERY content baby - we are very lucky. He has started cooing and smiling and that is awesome to see. He had his developmental high-risk follow up appointment yesterday and it went well. Developmentally and neurologically he is at or above where he should be for his corrected age (1 month). His head growth (brain) is on the right track! His length is staying on his curve at around 18 inches. He hit 6 lbs. even for his weight - which is awesome! Unfortunately he has fallen slightly off his curve for weight, so we need to continue to keep an eye on it. Of course this is probably due to the fact that he continues to puke bottles up...but we think it is getting a little better. He got all his 4 month shots yesterday and Braden was a great big brother comforting him afterward (even though he wouldn't watch him getting them).

We spent the morning at Braden's t-ball game. This one went a lot better than his first one. Of course this was the only picture I took before I camera died - ugh!

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