Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October 30

Happy 9 Months Blake - have a cracker :)
We will head to the doctor next week for the official weigh in - we're hoping he is over 9 lbs...I'll let you know next week!
He is up on all fours and scooting around everywhere - none of Braden's toys are safe. He is trying to figure out how to pull himself up on things like his brother's stools. He also likes to walk with us holding his hands...but since he is so short it hurts mom and dad's backs :) He has tried many different baby foods and really isn't a fan of any of it...he will tolerate a few bites of sweet potatoes and bananas but that's about it. He seems way more interested in our food! He is learning more and more sounds and loves to have screeching contests with his big brother! We think he is trying to work on some teeth...but nothing has popped in yet. He will start monthly shots next week for the RSV vaccine and I'm sure he's looking forward to it (not!) but we'll do anything to continue to keep him healthy! It has been a crazy, beautiful 9 months and we can't imagine life without this little guy!!!
We also got to celebrate Parent's Day at Braden's school today. They put on a really cute program and Braden actually participated! It was great - seriously, usually he justs goofs around and doesn't do what everyone else is...we were so proud! Chris was able to make it too, and that is always a special treat for Braden! We also trick-or-treated tonight, but I will save those for tomorrow, since that is really Halloween :)

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He is to darn cute.... :)