Friday, January 1, 2010

December 25 - Christmas Day

Merry Christmas 2009
We had an amazing Christmas this year. It was so nice to just be together as a family and celebrate with those we love. I think Blake really enjoyed his 1st Christmas and really got excited over some of the presents. And he learned to clap the day before so he clapped after every present - it was pretty cute! Braden was really into it this year and was very happy with what Santa and everyone else brought him, but he also remembered that we celebrated Jesus's birthday (inbetween all the presents :)

everyone needs a life size Optimus Prime, right?

Braden wanted to help Blake open all of his gifts!

Blake wanted to help Braden too!

Very excited about the new aquarium for the fish he gets to buy when we get back home!

"Wow, this is awesome!"

So happy that Santa found the Batman Monster Truck!

Finding out that the Monster Trucks ARE coming to our town - and he has tickets and a new shirt for the show!!!

Blake was very excited about his first Dump Truck!

I guess Blake had had enough togetherness - because all on his own he locked Braden in a headlock with his legs - seriously, Braden was making him mad and he did this - Aunt KT happened to snap the camera at just the right time! It was hilarious!
These two were definitely my favorite gifts this year. We are so blessed!
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