Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 4

I put together this little collage of my littlest man as I sit here and think of where we were a year ago. I was in my first full day of hospital bedrest, 24 weeks pregnant and very very scared. I tried so hard to be positive, to believe that everything would turn out ok for this little boy that we had not yet met, but loved with all our hearts. But when I was alone in that hospital room at night, listening to his heart beat on the machine, dreading the times it would drop and take a long time to come back up, praying that it would come back was hard to stay positive. I begged him to keep fighting, because we weren't giving up on him. I didn't know how much longer he would be able to fight, I just prayed that with each day he gained a tiny bit of strength...

...and he did gain that strength, and he fought, and he continues to fight. I can't imagine our life without him in it.
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