Friday, March 12, 2010

New Shoes

Blake wants to show you his new shoes...he's not very excited about wearing them.
We found out that shoe shopping is not going to be easy for our little guy. The shoes I bought today were for 0-6 Weeks - wow. I was trying to be prepared for the days when he's going to be wanting to run around outside, either by himself or pushing his walker - these shoes are going to get TORN up! They just really don't make 'good' walking shoes in NB size. So if anyone has any NB shoes that they want to get rid of - I'll take them, I have a feeling these are not going to last long!
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Shari said...

Try Payless Shoe store. I saw a bunch of tiny walking-like shoes there. I hope that helps. I hopped over from Kate's blog. I remember you from SHARE! Your babies are darling!

Jennifer said...

Riley's favorite thing about shoes is just playing with the velcro on them - another perk of living in Florida, there is only a very small part of the year when shoes are absolutely necessary :)

Jessica said...

He is toooo darn cute!!! Good luck with the shoes, I will see if I can round any up...we are the hand me down family since my kid still wears toddler sizes, you know how that goes! xoxoxo

Lauren said...

Hrm... we're not really a shoe wearin' kinda place... but you can bet we'll be sending 'em your way if and when lil' dude wears em!


girlyhurley said...

We had similar issues with Em. She currently is almost four and wears the same size as my sisters 2 yr old! I always got shoes at Stride Rite. They have the smaller sizes and I didn't mind paying more money since we get soooo much use out of our shoes since my girls are slow growers. Good luck!