Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York City

In April, Blake, Chris and I boarded a plane for New York City. We found a doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital that pretty much specializes in Russell-Silver Syndrome and we took Blake there to hopefully benefit from her expertise! Although his syndrome is not 'life-threatening', there are many things that need to be watched with these kids and treatments that can be done - but when all of your doctors have never treated anyone with RSS - it is hard for them to know how to treat it properly. Dr. H has treated kids from across the country with RSS and has developed a protocol which has seemed to really benefit kids with RSS.
We really enjoyed our 4 hour visit with the doctor. She was full of knowledge and it was really good to hear that Blake was 'typical' in a lot of ways :) Our biggest question was if he needed a feeding tube (g-tube) placed and she is giving him 6 months to put some more weight on with some of the changes we made before we revisit that question again. We will be returning to NYC in the future, we feel that it is best to have her on his team and working with his doctors here.

Besides seeing the doctor we had time to see a lot of NYC and we absolutely loved it! We were able to see all the biggies like Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and WTC area. One afternoon we spent a leisurely 5 hours walking through Central Park on a beautiful day and it was just so peaceful. Blake was excellent through the whole trip and made many, many hurried New Yorkers stop and smile! We lost track of how many people commented on his smile and his eyes or asked his name! We really missed Braden on the trip and know he would LOVE to run through Central Park! We will hopefully be able to take him on one of our return trips! Here are a few of my favorite photos - you can click HERE to see a bunch more :)

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Lauren said...

K, you know it's been WAY too long when the new posts take up a whole page!! Happy belated Birthday! Seriously, I can not get enough of Blake's smiles!! He's too stinkin' cute!!! And of course big bro Braden is also adorable!

Miss ya!