Friday, August 26, 2011

What happened in June...Part 1

June started off with some sweet corn eating :) But big brother was not happy because he had a very wiggly tooth and it hurt too much to eat the corn...

Until the very next day when he took a bite of pizza - and out it came!! This is his first 'official' tooth that he has lost. We aren't counting the 2 bottom teeth that he knocked out right before his first birthday :)

Then we hit the park with friends and CeCe and Blake enjoyed a break and a rice krispee treat - they are way too cute together!

Blake decided he was tired of sitting on the sidelines and wanted to be just like the big kids!

Then the boys and I met Meena C and Keegan at the Omaha Zoo and had an awesome day!
The aquarium was our favorite spot! Braden is very into ocean animals at the moment - so we went through it twice!

The boys loved the moving globe with water flowing over it!

We looked at monkeys

and traipsed through the jungle

and really just had an excellent day!

The boys and I hit a few more parks in June and got to feed the ducks all our left over bread! The boys really do love them a good park :)

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Lauren said...

Lovin' the pictures. I can't believe how fast time flies!