Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 Weeks Post Surgery!

Well we made it to 2 weeks Post surgery and we are doing well! Yesterday we had an appointment with the surgeon! First Braden got his stinky, colorful cast cut off!

He actually did really well with the cast saw, we thought he would really freak out,
but the first freak out came when he looked down to see 8 staples in his leg - that was not fun! He could not believe that they had stapled him! And it hurt to take them out since they had been in for 2 weeks and pretty stuck in there, but he did ok.

Then it was time for a new cast - so Daddy helped hold his mummified leg up so they could reapply!

He picked white again because he wanted a clean canvas for all the pretty markers! He is a kid who is all about color! Also they lowered it about 1/2 and inch so hopefully that will be a little more comfortable for him! They also took the large bump off the back! He complained a lot about how tight it was compared to his last one - ha - he was able to almost get his whole arm down the other one - so it was needed! I guess he was pretty dang swollen after surgery because you couldn't get a fingernail under the cast then!

Then we went for x-rays! This is the BEFORE! OUCH! I had seen it once before, but it still makes me cringe! See how much overlap there was?! This is why they had to torture him with the traction to pull it back in place before surgery!

And this is what it looked like yesterday! It is a little hard to see the pins/nails but they are the white lines at the top and bottom of his bone and they go the whole length and criss/cross in the middle. It isn't perfectly aligned, that would have been pretty tough with that break - but they are confident that the bone will just start filling itself in! So now we have an appointment in 4 weeks to see about getting the cast off!

And today was the big day! He got to go back to school! We weren't sure if he was going to make it in time as we woke up to Thunder and Rain and I wasn't sure how I was going to get him in the school without getting it wet! But the rain let up and we were able to go! I stayed with him in the classroom as we figured a few things out. He was excited but a little nervous! He really really wanted to try the whole day so he could go to Art class this afternoon, so we will see if he can make it! Sitting at a 90 degree angle all day is going to be tough for him! So we are crossing our fingers! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes! Ya'll are amazing :)


Caitlin said...

he's a tough little cookie! much love

Lauren said...

Oy! Yes, what a tough cookie!!

Sharlene said...

What a break! OUCH! Hope he made it all day, and what a sweetie for wanting to do that so Mom could go to her art class!! HUGS to your tough cookie! (I cringed looking at the x-ray too)