Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 02, 2008

Tonight we got to have dinner with some great friends! We went to Biaggi's and it was YUMMY!
Denise from KC and James our buddy from the MOD headquarters in New York came to town for our walk and wanted to meet all the fams!
Denise hit it right off with Braden by bringing gifts that included a John Deere Tractor and Trailor, M&M's, Bubbles, Spikey Ball and coloring book - He is now her buddy for life! She also wanted to know why we call him a *Monster* b/c he was on his best behavior and she wanted to steal him and take him back to KC ;) It was a great night with some great friends!

Denise & Braden

Denise, Me & James

Shonda, Me & Denise

Angie keeping the boys occupied by looking at the pictures on her camera! Check out the chocolate on Braden's forehead - the kids got chocolate ice cream after their dinner and it was everywhere - but dang it was good!


Weerock said...

SOOOOOOO not a Monster! Seriously, he can come home with me any time!

So glad we got to spend some time together!


littlewonders said...

Hehe, I see Peanut snuck in the picture with us! Sneaky little guy!