Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 03, 2008

This morning was the
2008 March for Babies
Team Miracle Monster walked for our 4th consecutive year! This year was cold and windy - but the sun shined and I really didn't hear a complaint out of anyone on our team! We had our largest team ever and raised more money then we ever have before! Our team raised $4276 this year!!! And we still have donations coming in! To say we are pleased is a crazy understatement! We bypassed our goals by over $1000 and I still can't believe it! It is amazing and humbling to know that even 4 years later our family and friends realize what we are walking for - and continue to support us every step of the way.
Thank you to all of you - we love each and every one!
A special thanks to everyone who came out and walked with us - walking beside each of you was a great experience! Thank you for all you have done for us!
Thank you for Helping Give All Babies A Helping Hand!!!

Team Miracle Monster 2008
The Miracle Monster himself!!!

Happy Family

Denise survived the cold to come out and walk with us!

This year my good friends Lindsay and Angie came out to walk - 10 years ago we all lived together in college - can't believe it's been that long! Love you girls!!

For the first time Eric and Meghan (and Kaitlyn) made it! It meant the world to have you come!
Jill and Kahala (and Sophie - isn't here shirt too cute!) are now good friends, but 4 years ago they were Braden's nurses in the NICU. They took care of my baby when I couldn't! They are both on the night shift and I know I cussed them out a few times after Braden came home because for some reason he loved to stay up and play in the middle of the night - come to find out these 2 loved to play with him in the middle of the night ;) But seriously, you girls are awesome - thank you for being great friends and for taking care of my baby! It meant so much to have you walk beside us!
After the walk Braden, Keegan and Ethan found some shelter from the wind in the back of the truck!

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Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Hey - someone got PW actions! ;)

I am so impressed with your team this year! Waaaahoooooo. What a difference that'll make for babies.