Monday, May 26, 2008

May 18, 2008

A boy and his Mustang ;)
Adam's friend Nick L. brought over his mom's Mustang for Braden to look at. He was in heaven! He got to drive it and look under the hood with the boys! I got to tell you - this group of kids that Adam calls friends are pretty cool! Any group of teenage boys (and a few girls!) who can take an almost 4 year old and include him in just about everything they do and make him feel like *one of the boys* (and he WILL tell you that he IS one of the boys) are OK in my book. And really they've been doing this with him since he was 2 or so. That is why my son can name a number of cars by sight (and tail lights) knows what horsepower is and what a turbo looks like. He gets none of this from myself or his father - so I hope these boys know that they will need to continue to feed his interest - b/c there will be NO help from me ;)

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