Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 05, 2009 - 24 weeks 5 days

This is what being in the hospital room for too long will do to you!
It was decided today that I am staying till the baby is born. When that will be we don't know. To be able to get more days, weeks maturation on him would be a Godsend. We will be doing daily ultrasounds (where he has 45 minutes to complete certain *tests*) and monitoring him closely for any sign that he has had enough.
Already day 2 and he is known as the troublemaker on the floor. It usually takes 2-3 nurses and a long time to even get him on the monitor. He is VERY low and folded in half and once the monitor is placed on him he gets very upset that something is in his space and hides from the nurses. Like I've said all along he is feisty - and that is good. I kind of just laugh as all the nurses try to pin him down!

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