Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 27, 2009 - 4 weeks old!

Today my great friend Denise drove up from Kansas City to see us! Braden wanted to take her to Arby's for lunch?!?! So we went there and then hung out with him for awhile then headed down to the hospital so she could meet Blake!
She had these shirts made up for the boys "I *heart* my Aunt Dee" for my baby shower that I missed in Kansas City when I was on bedrest! - So cute! Then she got to meet Mr. Blake! He even was awake when we got there so she got to see his beautiful eyes! Thanks for coming Denise, it means so much to us!!! Love ya!
When I got home last night this is where I found the other 2 boys - Braden was sound asleep in daddy's arms. They had been listening to the Beatles on the computer and Braden crawled up and fell asleep! It was so cute - and we got him to bed no problem after that - he was zonked!!

Comparison Time...

Here is Blake in the onesie of the day - at 4 weeks old...

Here is his big brother in the same onesie just a few days older. Braden fills it out a little better - he does have some length of Blake, that's for sure! But I think they both are pretty darn cute in it!

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Denise said...

Thanks so much for letting me come see Blake! And that Braden - he has more energy than I've EVER seen before. If only I had a little bit of it!
Love you guys tons...I'm so glad that Blake is doing so well. He's just precious.