Friday, July 16, 2010

KidFree Weekend in KC!

The annual Weekend of fun in Kansas City! What a great time! It was H-O-T and I'm pretty sure we got 3rd degree burns on our legs from the stadium seats, but all in all it was a great day! Thanks again Megan and Ben for hosting us! Go Cardinals!!!!

Chris had this idea to 'make' our hats this year! $10 cowboy hats at Wal-mart + Hot Glue Gun + some Cardinal logos = the most talked about hats in KC :) We did get a lot of people coming up and asking us where we had bought them at!

Kahala and Andy joined in some fun after traveling from Iowa too! So glad they could come have a little fun with us!

After the HEAT Kale was so nice to let the 'grown-ups' run through his sprinkler! I don't think anything ever felt so good!!

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