Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh me Oh my...

Oh wow - um, it's been 4 months since I've blogged. Bad, bad Carissa. There has been so much going on and we have had a super fun filled summer - so much to update on! I won't even try to go back and update on everything - BUT there are a few key points that I will go over the next few days!

To begin with we ROCKED as the AMBASSADOR FAMILY for the March of Dimes March for Babies this year (if I do say so myself)! We CRUSHED our team goal of $8000 and raised OVER $11,500 to help all babies get a healthy start! I think we would all agree that it was one of the best walks in the last 7 years! They weather was perfect, the site was great, the turnout was amazing - just an overall wonderful day! I even got through talking to the the crowd of almost 3000 people without goofing up too much or bawling my eyes out :) We had a HUGE team this year and was ecstatic to have each and every one of them walk with us! We had veterans and first timers - including my Grandma who surprised me!!!

I will let the pictures do the talking...(Totally out of order, but you get the picture :)

"The Family with the AWESOME cake my cousin Terri made - so cool"

"Blake being crazy at the walk"

Some of our biggest supporters - Aunt KT and Meena K

PopPop Joe, Josh and Baby Cole figuring out how to make next year this awesome

Chris and former college football buddy Ethan catching up

Best Cousins

Our favorite NICU Neonatologist Dr. W, Shonda and me

Angie and Baby Cole - long time walkers :)

Blake really enjoyed the ice cream

Good looking bunch

Cutting the ribbon to start the walk - what an honor

A few of the kids that joined us this year

Jill is holding our youngest member of the Team - Baby Elin was 10 days old I believe

NICU buddies from way back - Braden and Sally

Can't believe Grandma surprised me this year - was so great having her with us

Good buddies

What an AMAZING team - so so cool

Braden's teachers who came out to support him

Braden and the Pork Queen - hee hee

Me and my Momma

Haley sporting the awesome paint facing that they were doing

Blake couldn't quite figure out why he was looking at himself

Loving the red shirts

Talking in front of almost 3000 supporters

Charming the crowd

Ashley and Haley with the "Princesses"

I guess we started this whole thing :)

He had a little to do with it too


Jennifer said...

Yay!! You're back!!!

Lauren said...

Wow! I can barely believe my eyes!! Congrats! What an amazing total! I love all the pictures!

Tara said...

Welcome Back, My Friend!!!